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Bathroom Safety

Bath safety is important for those of all ages.

We have many rooms in our houses, apartments, and condos. One of the rooms that we use the most is the bathroom. Unfortunately, the bathroom is one of the more dangerous places with wet and slippery surfaces along with sharp objects like razors, clippers, and metal piping everywhere. The bathroom is also a room for privacy and as we continue to age we would all like that to remain the same. In reality, when we get older it because harder to do our daily bathroom routine on our own without risk of injury. A slip or fall can be devastating to anyone regardless of age.

There are different options available to help with bathroom safety. Hiring a caregiver that will help you move around the bathroom but you will give up the privacy that you have been accustom to all your life. If the caregiver is not a family member, it can get expensive fast. If you don’t want to hire a caregiver and allow yourself to keep your privacy in the bathroom there are products that can be install into our bathrooms to make it a safer environment. Our professional and compassionate staff will assist you in finding the products that will make your bathroom suit your needs!

Bathroom Chairs

Get dressed with ease with a bathroom chair. Aids in reaching down low to tie shoes or taking socks on and off.

Toliet Frames

Assist in getting up and down from the toilet by raising the seat with a toilet frame. Providing less stress on your joints.

Grab Bars

Decreases the risk of falling while in the shower with a grab bar. Helping support you while bathing or showering and moving up and down throughout the bathroom.

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