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At Mobility First, we understand the importance of finding a breast pump that meets your needs. We strive to carry the best brands in the industry for you to choose from. Whether you prefer an open or a closed system, we’ve got a wide variety of choices for you, including Medela and Spectra. Be sure to give us a call or stop by today so we can assist you in finding the breast pump that’s right for you! We’re conveniently located in Independence, MO.


At Mobility As one of the top breast pump contenders, Medela continues to impress users with its innovative products and superior features. You’ll enjoy having an adjustable speed/vacuum control, which helps you choose the setting that’s most comfortable for you. The one-touch let-down button allows you to toggle between stimulation and expression phrases for more efficient pumping. Thanks to this compact motor unit in a soft case, you can easily take your portable breast pump anywhere.


Another top contender that has broken into the breast pump market recently is Spectra. These products featured a closed system so there’s a barrier between the pump mechanism and the milk collection system. The barrier is a backflow protector located in the pump flange, which is a compact, flexible, white rubber membrane that prevents milk from backing up in the tube. In addition, the backflow protector ensures that your milk will be bacteria-free. You also don’t have to disassemble it in order to clean and sterilize the pump face and tubing.

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