Choosing to Rent or Buy Equipment

Choosing to Rent or Buy Equipment

Choosing to Rent or to Purchase Medical Equipment

Find A Solution That Works Best For You

If you or someone you love is having trouble getting around in their daily life, consider a mobility device as a solution to regain independence. By providing stability and security, these wonderful devices help prevent falls in addition to allowing for great accessibility to life’s joys. Whether you’re getting around the house or going out on the town, these devices are the solution you’ve been looking for. 

We are proud to sell and rent a variety of mobility devices. Browse our selection online or stop by our store to see these devices for yourself. Not sure if you should purchase or rent your equipment? Read below for a detailed explanation on the lifestyle factors that influence this decision.

Why Rent?

Renting is a fantastic option for individuals who will not need the device for extended periods of time. If you are recovering from a serious injury or surgery and won’t need your equipment once you’ve healed, this might be the right solution for you. 

Other scenarios might include an elderly relative visiting, or if you yourself are travelling and foresee the need of assistance. Additionally, some of these devices have an up-front cost – renting is a viable solution for people who cannot afford them due to restricted income.

Why Purchase?

If the equipment you need is something you might use for years at a time, or perhaps for the rest of your life, purchasing is certainly the better option. Not only will you save in long-term costs, but you’ll also have the option to permanently customize and accessorize your device to your liking. 

Consider the life-changing impact that some of these devices can have – if you suffer from a permanent condition, an outright purchase can improve your lifestyle for the better. Once you learn about the full clinical benefits of these devices, you may be inclined to bring them into your life forever.

Thinking About Optimizing Your Medical Equipment?

Whether you buy or rent, customization is an important part of any device. Considering the amount of time you’ll spend using the device, it only makes sense to customize it to your unique preferences to maximize the benefit it brings. From car lifts and cushions to storage and aesthetic improvements, there is sure to be an accessory that will bring added value to your life!

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