Choosing a Walker or Rollator


Walkers vs. Rollators

Finding the Mobility Device That Works Best For You.

As we age, many of us lose the ability to keep up with the lifestyle we want to lead. Mobility devices like walkers and rollators provide the ideal solution to help us stay on our feet and go where we want to without complication. Whether you need light assistance getting around your house, or you’re looking to go out to the park with friends, there is a mobility device with the perfect levels of support to aid you in your movement. 

Walkers and rollators are the most popular mobility aids and provide similar benefits to keep you leading an active lifestyle. Conventional walkers feature a four-legged frame that allows users to lean for balance, support, and rest. Rollators, on the other hand, feature wheels and a seat, and are suited for a more mobile lifestyle. Both devices can provide an incredible level of aid and support to anyone who wishes to remain active and independent.

Why Buy A Walker?

Walkers provide a four-legged frame that is sturdy enough to be leaned on, but lightweight enough to be lifted and moved by the user. Typically less expensive than other options, walkers are ideal for indoor use because of their comparatively smaller size and maneuverability. 

It is also important to know that there are many different types of walkers available. You’ll get to choose between folding walkers that break down and stow easily, height-adjustable walkers that provide versatility, hemi walkers that offer additional support, and rise-assist models bring you more aid when you need it! There is sure to be a walker option perfect for you.


Why Buy A Rollator?

Sometimes called “wheeled walkers”, these devices consist of a frame with three or four large wheels, handlebars, and a built-in seat with back support for whenever a rest is needed. Because of the wheels, these models make walking extremely manageable, especially in the outdoors. Choose from models that optimize comfort and accessibility with features like handle brakes and additional storage.


Walker or Rollator

Thinking about optimizing your walker or rollator?

Learn about the benefits of Accessorizing!

Due to their sturdy crossbars and durable frames, walkers and rollators have ideal surfaces for added-on features. Available accessories allow you to enhance the style, comfort, and safety of your new unit in ways that will make it even more enjoyable to use. 

For instance, cup holders can be added to bring your favorite drink wherever you go. Totes and bags can be attached to give you extra room to carry your belongings, or holders for canes and cell phones keep your handy devices always accessible. There’s no end to the exciting add-ons you can incorporate into your mobility device!

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