How to Use Your Wheelchair

A old man pushes another person with black hair in a wheelchair past a storefront.

How To Use Your Wheelchair

Whether you’re a first-time user or you’ve been utilizing a wheelchair for years, it’s essential that you learn how to properly use it. You might be surprised to learn that there’s a right and a wrong way. In order to take full advantage of the functions and features of your wheelchair, the first step is to learn how to use it. Most important of all, you want to avoid accidents and injuries by learning the proper and safe way to use your device. Mobility First is here with some helpful tips to get you started. Keep reading to learn more.

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As we mentioned, safety is one of the most critical aspects of using a wheelchair. Start by making sure there are no cracks or excessive wear on the wheels. You’ll also want to confirm the tire pressure is at the correct level. If not, you can use a bicycle pump to add more air. Next, check the brakes to confirm they’re functioning correctly. When the brakes are locked, they should prevent the wheels from moving. You should always apply the brakes when you’re not moving. Don’t stand on the footrests or apply extreme pressure or else you can tip forward. Avoid leaning beyond the armrests and bending to reach low objects.

When it’s time to sit down in your wheelchair, confirm the brakes are on and that the footplates are out of your way. Stand with your back facing the chair and place your hands on the armrests. Next, slowly lower your body into the seat. Lower the footplates and place your feet against the heel loops. You approach standing up in the same manner, which starts with confirming the brakes are on and the footplates are out of the way. If you use a walking aid, have it ready before you stand up.

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